Margo Barnes retired at 46 from a long and successful corporate career and moved to Tucson. She has dreamed of having a little cabin on a small body of water nearly all her life. When she and Vicky visited the cabin in 2003, she knew she had found it (although the owners didn’t agree!). Back in Tucson, she owns and manages 25 rental home units. She spends time at the cabin writing and painting; a few of her paintings hang in the cabin. Margo’s Website

Vicky Stromee is a retired therapist. Retirement has allowed her to turn her full attention to a life-long love of photography. Her work hangs in personal and corporate collections and galleries from Vermont to Oregon. 15 of her bodies of work have received honorable mention in the International Photography Awards; in 2015 she was named Best of ASMP (American Society of Media Professionals) for her photographic work. Visit Vicky’s photography website to see more of her wonderful work! Some of her photos also hang in the cabin and are available for $250 apiece.

Margo and Vicky bought the cabin in 2006, more than three years after their first visit. When their guests aren’t here, they often are, and hope one day to spend much of their summers at the cabin escaping the heat of Tucson!