We welcome winter guests!

If you’re a winter guest, you’re in for a treat! The forest and river are breathtaking under blankets of snow, and the silence is amazing. Winter in the forest often brings wildlife down from the mountains, so keep your eyes peeled for the tracks of deer and other wildlife on the island and cabin meadow – or the animals themselves.

The cabin in winter is a magical place to spend the cold evenings, warm and snug with a roaring fire in the wood-burning stove and a hot cup of cocoa, coffee or tea (you’ll find all of these in the kitchen cabinet beside the refrigerator!) to warm your hands after a hike around the property or across the road to the Windy Bridge picnic area. However … a cautionary note for winter guests: Prepare for the unexpected. Sudden heavy snows can make the road temporarily impassable even for road-clearing vehicles, and you may find yourself snowed in for a day or more. Bring perishable food for your entire stay, as well as essential items such as prescription medicines, diapers, milk, etc. There is no grocery store in Pecos, but there are two “dollar” stores which have lots of supplies, non-perishable foods and some refrigerated or frozen foods. (Ice cream is considered essential …) Remember – if you can’t get out, help can’t get in with supplies.

The cabin is just off Route 63, which is a state road. The state does a very good job keeping the road clear of snow and ice – however, parts of the road are always in the shade and will remain very icy, making the extremely winding road treacherous. We encourage our guests during the winter and early spring to bring a four-wheel-drive vehicle if possible, and regardless of the vehicle, take extreme caution on your way up to the cabin from the village of Pecos. If the weather report is calling for heavy snow and you’re not able to “hunker down” in the cabin with a good book, a movie, game or jigsaw puzzle, consider parking your car at the top of the lane and “bushwacking” down to the cabin so you won’t have to worry about getting up the lane from the cabin’s parking area.